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Here you will find all my small programming projects possibly unsorted, unfinished, undocumented, outdated, buggy, just for test and so on.... all those things I started once, that I found useful and/or interesting and/or funny at some point, but never completely went to an end product or even to something reasonably usable by normal people.

Use everything for free but at your own risks. However, please remember to properly credit me and my work if you find any usefulness for anything here. I would be very happy to know how you are using what poped one day out of my head.

You may also want to have a look at my GitHub repositories. The most finished and the best of my projects are hosted there.

Thank you and Have fun !


Library to make popular screen readers speak in your application.

Universal speech goal is to unify and simplify the access to speech in applications. Speech can be done through active screen readers, direct synthesis or native/OS speech engines, depending on what is available and supported. Currently in its version 1.0, universal speech is only for windows, but I really hope that people will find it useful and port it to linux, macintosh, and why not mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.

This project is hosted on github at

Download latest version at


6pad++ is a simple and lightweight, yet powerful text editor for windows. Its main goal is to keep the accessibility and responsiveness of standard notepad, while providing a few not especially spectacular but useful features.

This project is hosted on github at

Latest version is alpha 7. Download at


A simple and accessible audio player based on BASS library.

Its main features are the support of more than 90 popular and less popular formats, play streams from URL, quick search in your playlist, export an entire playlist to WAV/OGG/MP3, OGG/MP3 tags edition, microphone support, apply various effects to the music or your voice, stream your voice and your music to shoutcast/Icecast server....

This project is hosted on github at


Pack lua scripts into an executable.

As his name suggests, lua2exe convert a serie of lua scripts into a standalone executable. The generated executable still need lua shared library, lua51.dll on windows.


MidiText allows you to make music in MIDI format by entering simple text-based commands.

For example, enter "cdefgab>c" to play a C scale, or "c&e&g" to play a major C chord. Of course you can do much more than that. You have the whole power of MIDI and SF2 soundbanks, including advanced effects and even BASS specific ones, and your imagination to create your music.


Download version 5.00 beta


As the name suggests, BGTUnpack is a very simple command-line utility which unpacks files from BGT pack archives. These files are often named sounds.dat or data.dat and are usually part of a game created with the Blastbay Game Toolkit. Packed data directly included inside the executable can also be unpacked by this tool.

However, encrypted pack files can't be unemcrypted, yet. When unpacking encrypted files, you will get back original file names but they will contain garbage. I hope to do it in the future!

Can I use ? Accessible version

The website Caniuse, which give a support table of what HTML5/JavaScript/CSS features we can use or not in which version of which browser, doesn't present its data in a screen reader accessible fashion. Most of the information is only transmitted by color codes, and by the way notes are also unaccessible.

So, here's my accessible alternative solution. Caniuse data is directly taken from their official GitHub repository and updated from there everyday.

Emoji and symbol database

Here's a list of emojis and symbols currently recognized by Jaws/NVDA/VoiceOver, with french and english description and corresponding codes: unicode code point, UTF-8, UTF-16, Java/JavaScript escape and HTML5 entity.

Linux manual

This mini website allow to search for linux man pages and display them with proper headings and lists. Much better than struggling with the pseudo GUI of the man app in the terminal, and much better than all existing websites that often ahve a lot of ads.

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